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Vietjoy Moringa Leaf Tea (20s)


VietJoy Fruit Leaf tea series are all made from natural ingredients that are packed with super freshness and taste. Also, it is individually packed to make it convenient for you to bring it around in addition, our tea has no preservatives, colorants or additives added. Made up of Vietnam's unique fruits and vegetable products, our tea would surely brighten up your day when you enjoy a cup of hot/cold cup of tea depending on what you favor.

General information

Enjoy a cup of Moringa Leaf Tea with its nature-inspired taste and aroma. It is a pure and delicious drink.

100% Natural moringa leaves

Storage condition: keep in cool and dry places. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


  1. Put one tea bag into a cup
  2. Pour 150ml -250ml of boiling water
  3. Wait for 3-5 minutes
  4. Serve cold/ hot depending on your liking Add sugar/honey if required

Our tea has no sugar added to it. Hence, if you feel that it is a little bitter, add a teaspoon of sugar/honey

Benefits of Moringa Leaf Tea:

  1. Rich in antioxidants 
  2. Helps in digestion
  3. Support general well-being 

VietJoy养身果叶茶系列由100%天然成分制成,具有超级新鲜和口感。单独包装,既方便又省时。不添加防腐剂,着色剂和添加剂。由越南独特的水果和蔬菜产品组成。无论是选用热饮或冰镇茶,都能使你每天神采飞扬。有7种系列:番石榴叶,洛神花,辣木叶,桑叶,诺丽果, 红毛榴莲叶和莲花叶茶。

General information




  1. 把一包叶茶放进杯子里
  2. 倒 150 - 250 热水
  3. 等 3-5 分钟
  4. 喝热或冷茶,取决于你的喜好, 如果需要,加糖或蜂蜜

Benefits of Moringa Leaf Tea:

  1. 富含抗氧化剂
  2. 帮助消化
  3. 促进身体健康

  Our test reports were conducted to ensure that the tea we serve is healthy for consumers. In addition, we have no sugar added (all sugar content comes from the tea leaf itself) and no preservatives added.

Do note:

Do not drink Moringa if you have LOW BLOOD PRESSURE.