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Honeco Tam Dao Kumquat Honey (250G)

Tam Dao Kumquat Honey is a high-class product processed with modern technology, concentrated from natural wildflower honey and fresh kumquat juice. The product retains the inherent good properties of honey and fresh kumquat, helps strengthen the body's immune system, provides energy, prevents respiratory diseases, and relieves internal heat in summer.

✔Natural antibiotic inhibine in honey & Vitamin C in Kumquat strengthens the body’s immune system
✔ Prevents respiratory diseases
✔ Antioxidants & Vitamins that protects the skin from the carcinogenic effects of the sun and the risk of aging, wrinkles, freckles, and provides extra moisture to dry skin
✔ Rich in carbohydrates and riboflavin that supplies and regenerates energy to the body