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Hat A Coffee Durian Cappuccino Coffee (216G)

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About Product
Durian instant coffee is an extremely unique product of Hat A coffee, a Vietnamese coffee brand. The exciting new combination of ingredients using durian combined with renowned Vietnamese coffee has created a durian instant coffee product. This will be a delight to fans of durian. A warm cup of durian flavoured coffee will spark a long chatting session among families, relatives and friends. Each stick creates a perfect cup of delicious coffee every time, it is convenient, and great for families, travellers and campers. This is not only an extremely interesting experience but also helps you to be excited, energetic and highly effective at work.

Step 1: Put 1 stick of coffee into a cup. (2 sticks for an ice coffee)
Step 2: Pour 75ml boiling water (80 – 100 degrees Celsius) and stir well.
Step 3: Enjoy a cup of hot or ice coffee.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

Shelf Life: 24 months

Ingredient(s): Instant coffee powder (13%), Sugar, Non-dairy creamers, Durian powder