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DACE Organic Cinnamon Stick (30G)


DACE Organic cinnamon sticks are hand-picked from the highest - quality sources and mediculously processed. DACE Cinnamon sticks attract customers for its fresh, rich and long-lasting aroma. A jar of DACE cinnamon sticks will connect you to your family and friends on special occasions and radiate a scent of peace into your home.

Ingredients: 100% Organic dried Cinnamon sticks

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Package size: 1 bottle (30g)


  • Use for cooking
  • Adding fragrance to your house
  • Use in beverages: coffee, tea, wine


  • Store in a cool dry area
  • Keep out of reach for children

Quantity per carton: 60 bottles per carton
Expiry Date: 18 Months