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From January 13 to February 7, Learth VN participated in the 2021 Tan Ox Spring Festival at Saigon Center, this is also an opportunity for us to bring our products to more customers. 

During the New Year Festival 2021, we have tried our best to prepare everything carefully to welcome customers to visit Learth's booth in the most proper way. In this Spring Festival session, we have launched extremely "healthy" Tet gift sets suitable for giving during this Tet holiday. 

Besides, we also don't forget to give our customers a free trial of the products that we have at the Spring Festival session so that everyone can have a real experience of the taste of the product as well as give us new ideas. Feedback so we can improve. 

Learth VN would like to sincerely thank customers for their interest and visit to Learth VN's booth during the Spring Festival, we are very grateful to Saigon Center for creating the opportunity for Learth VN's products to be sold. more people know.