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Tropic Farm Omega Kiddy Sacha Inchi Oil (250ml)

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Omega King Kiddy oil extracted from Sacha Inchi seeds has a high value of nutritional content. New super food, 100% organic SACHI INCHI grown in Tay Ninh province, VietNam. The oil is obtained by cold pressing, without additives or preservatives, to obtain the highest quality extra virgin oil, with 93% omega 3-6-9, rich in natural antioxidants typical of the fruit itself (Vitamins A and E).

✔ Supplements natural OMEGA 3-6-9, Vitamin E, A
✔ It nourishes and boost child's immune system
✔ Improve eye health
✔ Enhances brain health, improve your child’s intelligence

What’s so good about Omega 3-6-9?

Omega 3 health benefits:
• Support mental health and brain function/ improves memory (prevent dementia in older people)
• Improve heart health
• Promote bone health (protects against osteoporosis)
• Anti-inflammatory properties (can ease menstrual pain in women)
• High in antioxidant that keeps the skin healthy by reducing pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles etc

Omega 6 health benefits:
• Prevent risk of cardiovascular (relating to heart or blood vessels) and inflammatory diseases
• Reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes
• Maintains good immune system

Omega 9 health benefit:
• For heart health and blood sugar control

How can you consume it:
Consumed neat, used as mix direct into the pans and other foods for children

**Sacha Inchi oil can be consumed by people of all ages**

Store in cool place, Avoid direct sunlight.

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