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TH True Yogurt- Natural Orange Flavour (48 X 180ML)


Purely Made with Fresh Milk from the TH farm in Vietnam.

- Purely Natural

- Naturally fermented from TH Farm’s fresh milk

- Natural flavouring

- No preservatives


Product Benefits:

- Naturally fermented from TH farm’s fresh milk

- Aids in digestion

- Provides plentiful energy for a dynamic life

- Attractive natural fruity flavours

- No preservatives

- Convenient packaging


Nutrition Information Per 100 ml:

Energy: 67,5 kcal

Carbohydrate: 12 g

Protein: 1,5 g

Fat: 1,5 g

Calcium: 48 mg

Magnesium: 3,75 mg

Zinc: 0,12 mg


Instructions for storage and use:

- Store in a dry and cool place.

- Tastes better when served cold.

- After opened, keep refrigerated at 4-10 ºC and consume immediately within 24 hours.


Ingredients: Fresh cow milk (50%), water, sucrose, stabilizer (E 440), natural orange flavouring, natural coloring (E 120), Steptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacullus bulgaricus.