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TH True Nut Macademia Milk (8 X 180ML)

We have run out of stock for this item.

• A creatively scientific combination of fresh milk from the TH farm, Macademia and natural sweet taste from date palms for a better health of the whole family.

• The natural sweet taste of the product is extracted from date fruit with natural mild sweetness, low in fat and blood sugar but rich in selenium, potassium, iron and anti-oxidants.

• Truly natural: purely made with fresh milk from the TH farm and natural ingredients

• Macadamia benefits:

– Good for cardiovascular

– Good for health

Instructions for storage and use:

− Store in a cool, dry place.

− Best served chilled.

– Shake well before use.

− Consume immediately after opening.

− Expiry date: 06 months after production date.

Nutrition Information Per 100 ml:

Energy 39.8 kcal

Carbohydrate 4.2 g

Protein 0.8 g

Fat 2.2 g