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Hat A Coffee Weasel Legend Drip Coffee (130G)


About Product
Weasel Legend Drip Coffee has a deliciously seductive fragrance, that will leave an ecstatic sweetness and pure mild bitterness lingering in the throat. It is an intoxicating flavor that melts in every taste. With a hint of chocolate and vanilla, Weasel Legend Drip Coffee offers an experience that is not only refined and pure, but the intense flavor also leaves a lasting and unforgettable impression. Without words, you will know as soon as you slowly sip a cup of Weasel Legend Drip Coffee so that you can fully feel this legendary taste.

Pour a little boiling water, that is about 90-95 degrees Celsius, inside the filter and wait for the coffee to fully absorbed the water. Then wait about 30 seconds before filling the cup to enjoy the coffee.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

Shelf Life: 18 months

Ingredient(s): 100% Arabica mix weasel coffee