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Material Comparison

  L'earth    Bio-Mass Conventional Plastic Starch Based Plastic Paper
Degradation Degrades anywhere with oxygen Does not degrade Degrades only in highly microbial conditions Does not degrade due to plastic/wax lining
Remaining substances None Litter, marine trash, landfills None Litter, marine trash, landfills
Length of degradation time Programmable - Non-programmable -
Recyclability Recyclable Some Recyclable Not recyclable, damages recycling streams Not recyclable, due to plastic/wax lining
Incineration Less toxic gases Toxic gases Less toxic gases Less toxic gases
Source Recyclable plastic & plant by-product fibres Oil-based Corn, starch-based natural polymers Renewable/non-renewable forest trees, or recycled paper
Sustainability Use of recycled materials and by-products Depletes non-renewable resources Competes with food sources Cuts down trees
Strength Enhanced by inherent wheat protein Need for additives Need for additives Poor
Microwavable Microwavable Some not microwavable Often not microwavable Often not microwavable
Hot foods & liquids Lowered heat transference Some heat Tends to soften unless treated Some heat