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Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

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SKU: moringa13
Apart from bag and pouch form, finished good also available in roll form. It applies for auto packing machine. Roll firm can be engineered by various type of materials that has different characteristic, such as moisture and or light barrier, enchance puncture resistant or themoforming ability

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    Volume: 100 ML to 20L

    - PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 2.0 million to 2.16 million bags.

    - 80% EFFICIENCY: 1.6 million bags / month The benefits of using soft bags in pouring drinks:

    - Save space because the product can be flattened.

    - Lightweight and easy for packing and shipping.

    - Easy and has space in the packaging printing.

    - Bags have lower filling costs than PET bottles.

    - The product and nutritional properties of fresh fruit juices are kept intact, as the packaging prevents light, oxygen and air from being exposed to food.

    - Environmentally friendly, safe for consumers and convenience while using the product.

    - Suitable for the hospitality industry, which can be easily connected to distribution and retail systems

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