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L'earth (S) Pte Ltd

L’earth (S) Pte Ltd has its humble origins in Singapore and started with the vision of making eco-friendly plastic products more accessible to consumers. Here at L’earth, we believe that adopting a green lifestyle does not have to be difficult and can start from the little day-to-day things. We hope to be able to share with you how we do – by starting from the source.


We are driven by our main principles of simplicity, enjoyment and sustainability.


    • SIMPLICITY, because we believe in simplifying things. We make embracing a modern, eco-friendly lifestyle easy. Our products are also made to be fuss-free and simple to use. Most of all, we emphasise simple, functional design.


    • ENJOYMENT, because we want to bring out the joy in living. Especially for a lifestyle in harmony with the environment.


  • SUSTAINABILITY, because we love our Earth. Our products are made for a sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable Earth.


Our key strength making us possible with our indepth knowledge of latest plastic technologies with various plastic resin partners.